Recruiting talent worldwide

Language Classes

Understanding the need to employ talent that speaks German, we make sure that before you hire, the employees are well prepared.

Key Points

Native Teachers
Small Classes
Digital Support
Business German

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Cultural Training

Employing foreign talent brings many advantages and opportunities that can be unlocked through successful integration and cultural understanding.

Key Points

Business Etiquette
Writing Letters
German Hierarchy
Gender Equality

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Professional Placement

Matching the globally available talent with your specific hiring needs is crucial in ensuring swift integration and success for your business.

Key Points

Preliminary Interviews
Talent Portfolio
Dedicated Consultants
Streamlined Processes
Integration Support

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Legal Immigration

Taking care of all the bureaucratic, legal and administrative requirements for the transfer of foreign nationals saves you valuable time.

Key Points

Visa Processing
Residence Permits
Housing Proof
Transfer Plan
Insurance & Finance

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Mechanical Engineering

Machine Design, Factory Setup, Product Development, Construction

Management & Finance

Controlling, Process Management, Investment Banking, Human Ressources

Software Engineering

Embedded Systems, Python, Ruby, Website / App Development

Electrical Engineering

Electricity Management, Grid Setup, Electrical Networks, Instrumentation


Data-base Management, Analytics, Reporting, Programming

Automotive Engineering

Product Design, Manufacturing, Software Development, AI Programming

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